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Outstanding research inquiries provided by our clientele, along with pivotal insights derived from our analysis.

Global market size of outsourced services amounts to US$ 92.5 billion in 2019; the annual growth rate (CAGR 2000-2019) is about 3.8%

The most important region by revenue is America (US$ 62 billion)

The biggest BPO segment is human resource outsourcing services (US$ 3,981) followed by finance & accounting services (US$ 1,517)

Outsourcing spends per sector increased in 2019 especially in pharmaceuticals, leisure, transport & logistics while outsourcing spends in other sectors maintain or increased only slightly

The stainless steel production in China was equal to 25.77 million tonnes in 2017

The ratio of stainless steel scrap used in Chinese production was around 30%

Thus, the size of total stainless steel recycling in China is about 7.7 million tonnes

Based on today's stainless steel market price, market value is around US$ 17 billion

In 2018, 106,000 drones were sold in Germany

The total inventory of drones in Germany amounts to 474,000 of which 4% are used commercially

France, Germany and the UK have a share of 60% of the European drone market

With a market volume of € 404 million, Germany is the second largest commercial drone market in Europe after France"

Most relevant players with B2B focus in Italy are IT system houses / infrastructure providers

Our analytics team identified the 15 most relevant companies and profiled these companies on a high level

The TOP 3 B2B players are ESPRIVILLAGE-Esprinet S.p.A, COMPUTER GROSS ITALIA S.P.A. and BREVI Distribuzione Informatica S.p.A.

Background information: The size of the B2B laptop market in Italy is about US$ 3,000 million (revenue) and about 6.18 million pieces in 2019

See full exemplary report

Service providers need to be certified according to internet privacy standards (ips)

A list of all certified providers is accessible via the website of the federal medical association in Germany (Kassenärztliche Bundesvereinigung)

Five relevant players have been profiled incl. features and pricing:, Doccura, eIVI, Patientus, Viomedi

Prices for medical video consultation vary from € 39 to € 89 per month

In total 750 ecommerce platforms in the UK were analyzed

As most common e-payment methods, credit card payments and PayPal were identified

60% of the analyzed ecommerce platforms accept payment via credit card as well as PayPal

PayPal is currently the most common e-payment method for ecommerce platforms in the UK

The market volume of packaging machinery in Asia is about US$ 15.7 billion in 2018

Based on market modelling the market of packaging machinery in Asia is expected to grow 7.8% p.a. on average

The market volume of plastic processing machinery in Asia is about US$ 19.7 billion in 2018

Based on an analysis of secondary data and a high-level market modelling market modelling the market of plastic processing machinery in Asia is expected to grow 6.7% p.a. on average

Revenue in the Smart Home market in Sweden amounts to US$ 728 Million in 2019

Revenue is expected to show an annual growth rate (CAGR 2019-2023) of 16.2%, resulting in a market volume of US$ 1,328 million by 2023

The total number of smart homes (= all homes with at least one smart device) amounts to 1.2 million in 2019, which is a household penetration of 26.3% in 2019

Household penetration is expected to hit 41.9% by 2023

The average revenue per installed Smart Home currently amounts to US$ 183

Control and connectivity is the largest sub-segment with a market volume of US$ 161m in 2019

In 2018, the market volume of MedTech in Asia amounts to US$ 112.4 billion and in Germany TO H13US$ 124.6 billion

The MedTech market in Asia is expected to grow at a rate of 8.6% per year within the next 5 years, while the European market is expected to grow at 4.6% per year

The Asian market for MedTech grows faster than the European Market for MedTech and will be larger than the European market within the next three years

In 2021 the Asian market for MedTech is expected to amount to US$ 144 billion, the European market to US$ 143 billion

There is a growing number of hashtags that refer to grey hair, acceptance of turning grey or transition phases

Main hashtags on Instagram by number of posts are #greyhair (2,048,403), #silverhair (1,913,967) and #grayhair (702,211)

Posts indicate that most women find it hard to accept the first grey hairs and dye their hair

With increasing age, women are very proud of their grey hair and see the grey hair as an attitude towards life and even a social statement

Until today 5 seasons of "Höhle der Löwen" were produced

Audience rose through the first seasons and is now, since season 3, on a constant level at about 2.9 million

Number of closed deals and success rate has more than doubled from season 1 (16 closed deals ) until season 4 (43 closed deals)

Total amount of invested money (season 5: € 11.4 million) as well as the average amount of invested money per deal (season 5: € 326,000) increased season by season

The rate of deals busted after the show is at an all-time low in the fifth season (20.0%), especially compared to season 1 (68.8%) and season 2 (71.4%)

The TOP 5 Asian cities ranked by average monthly net salary are Singapore (US$ 3,198), Tokyo (US$ 2,945), Hong Kong (US$ 2,497), Osaka (US$ 2,367) and Seoul (US$ 2,300)

The TOP 5 Chinese cities ranked by average monthly net salary are Shanghai (US$ 1,250), Beijing (US$ 1,216), Shenzhen (US$ 1,162), Guangzhou (US$ 959), Chengdu (US$ 789)

A list of 30 Asian cities was provided and upon customer request a detailed analysis of Chinese cities was conducted"

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